RESPECT: Flexible, Safe and efficient REcycling of Li-ion batterieS for a comPetitive, circular, and sustainable European battery manufaCTuring industry

With the right conditions, batteries will play a crucial role in climate change mitigation. Lithium-ion (Li ion) batteries – capable of storing wind, solar and electric energy forms – are vital to accelerating the decarbonisation of transport and integrating renewable energies into electricity grids. In this context, the EU-funded RESPECT project will develop a global process encompassing a process-chain flexible enough to treat all kinds of batteries in closed loop. Specifically, it will address two recycling routes: full hydrometallurgy and direct recycling and an improved life cycle assessment of each recycling segment. RESPECT will also ensure knowledge sharing on Li-ion battery green recycling processes through engagement with international stakeholders and experts.

Partner organizations

  • Metso Outotec Finland Oy (Private, Finland)
  • I.C. BELGIUM SCRL (Private, Belgium)
  • COUP' INDUS (Private, France)
  • GEFCO (Private, France)
  • University of Münster (Academic, Germany)
  • The French Alternative Energies and Atomic Energy Commission (CEA) (Research Institute, France)
  • CIDETEC (Private, Spain)
  • Morrow Batteries AS (Private, Norway)
  • Association Europeenne Des Fournisseurs Automobiles Clepa Aisbl (Other, Belgium)
  • Aalto University (Academic, Finland)
  • Vianode AS (Private, Norway)
  • Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft Zur (Private, Germany)
  • Lomartov S.L (Private, Spain)
Start date 01/06/2022
End date 31/05/2026

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