Patents and innovation for growth and welfare (PEX)

Start date 01/01/2005
End date The project is closed: 31/12/2012
Patent and IP issues have been raised to high political and industrial management levels in different parts of the world. The Swedish Government decided in 2004 to appoint a special investigator (Ove Granstrand) to survey the economic aspects of patenting for corporate growth and development. The investigation, which was presented in December 2006 ("Patent and innovations for growth and welfare" SOU 2006:80), used a research-based approach for the development of political recommendations based on different sub-studies. The investigation proposes a large package of general and specific reforms, for example increased investments in industry, universities and by the state for increased patenting and IP competence, with a target of 4% of R&D investments allocated to IP investment.

The  project seeks to develop new ways for imparting knowledge and insight about the economic benefits – and costs – of patenting;  lead to new techniques for stimulating knowledge-intensive to patent their innovations to a greater degree; illuminate the relationship between patenting and economic growth; and analyze the decline of patenting frequency in Sweden and enumerate the most important causes behind this trend.

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