Off-peak city distribution - phase 1

Start date 01/12/2014
End date The project is closed: 30/06/2016
​Urban distribution constitutes a large part of the daytime traffic in cities contributing to congestion. Reversing the perspective, freight vehicles are delayed due to congestion reducing the efficiency of urban distribution. An internationally tested measure with potentials for improving the efficiency of urban distribution are off-peak deliveries, i.e. during evening, night and early morning hours. Due to less traffic urban distribution is more efficient. Also, the street space is better used. Field trials in off-peak deliveries are ongoing in Stockholm city. 

This research project aims to: 
1) create new knowledge by studying the effects and results of ongoing trials and tests of new solutions
2) map Off-peak activities in Sweden / EU
3) propose regulatory principles, disseminate knowledge and promote a greater spread. 

The project will strengthen national collaboration research and stimulates the activities in automotive, government and logistics.

The project is connected to Northern LEAD research centre and Urban Freight Platform.
Project leader
External partners
​Royal Institute of Technology Stockholm, City of Stockholm, Svebol Logistics AB, Lidl Sverige KB, Scania CV AB, AB Volvo and Chalmers University of Technology
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