Nya tillverkningsplattform- väg till kundanpassade läkemedel

Breakthroughs in diagnostics, genotyping, biomarkers and so forth has revolutionized medical and clinical research during recent years and paved the way towards the therapeutic needs of each individual. This is more recently referred to as ‘Precision Medicine’. However, societal benefits will only be fully achieved provided that individualized therapies and their associated pharmaceutics are made accessible to patients and healthcare providers. It is therefore remarkable that prevailing manufacturing platforms are designed for mass production that do not meet the emerging needs for mass customization.
This project therefore aims at investigating and exploring the fundamentals of mass customization for manufacturing of precision pharmaceutics, i.e. meeting the needs of provision of therapies for the individual. Moreover, the project will focus on one of the more promising technical platform candidates; particle replication in non-wetting template (PRINT) originating from the electronic industry now starting to be applied to pharmaceutics. This project aims to develop and adapt this platform to pharmaceutical needs such as dose content uniformity, drug stability, and tailored drug release profiles etc. The outcome of this project is a pharmaceutical industry prepared for the future paradigm shift in pharmaceutical manufacturing, mass customized production, that generates affordable personalized drug delivery systems.

Start date 01/01/2016
End date The project is closed: 31/03/2021

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