New ideas for more effective drug manufacturing


We aim to refine the hot-melt extrusion manufacturing process to suite a wide variety of drugs. A one-step continuous process for drug production will reduce costs, save time and benefit the environment.


To develop and produce drugs of today are expensive, time- and energy consuming. The challenge is to find ways to reduce these efforts. One strategy is to look from a new perspective and reuse and refine old alternative methods.  The hot melt extrusion technique, which is quite similar to making spaghetti in a spaghetti machine, is normally used for producing plastic materials. Interestingly, this type of equipment is usable to make drugs there it can really reduce manufacturing steps compared to conventional methods to make medicines. Using the hot melt extrusion technique will also make it possible for automatized screening processes, and many more drug candidates will be able to be evaluated faster.


  • Can the hot-melt extruder working temperature be minimized to not affect temperature sensitive drugs?
  • Can we find new excipients with good melting properties to optimize the manufacturing method?
  • What happens in the extruder ?


Page manager Published: Mon 28 Oct 2013.