Multi-Criteria Analysis

Multi-Criteria Analysis for Identifying Sustainable Remediation Alternatives

Start date 01/01/2010
End date The project is closed: 31/03/2014

​Management of contaminated sites is associated with high costs to problem owners and society. For sound use of society´s limited resources, priority should be given to alternatives that are considered best with respect to agreed and well-defined criteria. A key criterion in environmental decision-making is sustainable development. However, procedures for explicitly evaluating sustainability of remediation alternative are lacking. Multi-criteria analysis (MCA) has repeatedly been suggested for evaluating sustainability but practical applications for remediation projects are still rare. An important reason is limited knowledge on how to evaluate ecological effects of remediation. Ecological effects may be addressed using the concept of soil function (SF), e.g. the soils´ ability to provide ecosystem services and goods. SF has been recognized as crucial for human and ecosystem survival by the European Commission.

The overall objective of this project is to develop a procedure for MCA which can be practically applied for sustainability appraisal of remediation alternatives. Specific goals are to: (1) incorporate effects on soil system functions for evaluating ecological sustainability, and (2) prepare a prototype for MCA for identifying sustainable remediation alternatives. This project will provide novel research on how to better incorporate ecological effects in sustainability appraisal at contaminated sites.


The project is carried out at the Division of GeoEngineering, research group Engineering Geology.

Keywords: Sustainable, development, remediation, contaminated areas

Project members

Project leader
Lars Rosén

Project members
Lars Rosén
Jenny Norrman
Tommy Norberg (Matematiska vetenskaper)

Lars Rosén

External partners at the project
​Umeå University, Swedish Agricultural University (SLU), NCC Construction, Enveco Environmental Economics Consultancy.
Chalmers Areas of Advance
​Built Environment

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