Men and energy. Studying different masculinities and technology within the energy sector

Energy transition is one of society’s main questions ahead. This challenge that has been around for a while, at least since the late 1970’s. There are historical evidence that show how men have dominated the large scale energy sector as CEO:s, workers, engineers and reserchers. If a successful transition will take place it needs to take such gender inequality into account. This proposal extend ground-breaking gender research understanding the intersection of men, masculinities and energy by the project leader; exploring and developing three analytical concepts of ‘industrial masculinities’, ‘ecomodern masculinities’ and ’ecological masculinities’ informed by two contemporary empirical studies. Research methods will be interviews, document studies and participatory field work. Results will contribute to education materials for energy companies, global theory development in gender studies as well as open up more space for a women in energy politics.

Start date 01/01/2019
End date 31/12/2023

Page manager Published: Sat 28 Sep 2019.