Managing Green Innovation

Start date 01/05/2008
End date The project is closed: 31/12/2009
​This project utilized an explorative approach to ascertain how firms are managing the ambition of innovating with a significant increase in environmental performance. The research was focused on participating medium to large Swedish multinationals from various industries, operating in both business-to-business and business-to-consumer markets. The objective of the research project was to identify and thus manage factors to enhance the potential to conduct green innovation successfully.
​The project resulted in a working paper (CBIWP10 Managing Green Innovation) and several conference articles pointing at firms’ challenges to work with so called green innovation. In summary, results from the study indicate that drivers for investments in environmental performance include both market demand for environmental performance, employer brand management considerations, as well as competitive issues related to anticipated regulations and market developments. One interesting challenge to green innovation discovered during the study was the perceived risk of being accused of 'greenwashing', a threat that was considered seriously even in cases in which the executives seemed convinced of the environmental benefits of certain products/activities.

​Hordern, T., Börjesson, S., Elmquist, M. (2008) Managing Green Innovation, CBI Working Paper Series.

Björkdahl J, Linder M (2010). 'Formulating Green Problems For Commercializing New Technologies: A Problem Solving Perspective'. Druid summer conference, June 15-18 2010

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