Logistics for life

Start date 01/10/2010
End date The project is closed: 30/06/2012
Logistics for life brings together leading logistics companies, technology providers and research organizations working on innovative ICT solutions to ensure long-term sustainability of the logistics industry by increasing its operational efficience.
Logistics for life will drive European ICT for Transport research in the direction of making logistic operations more efficient, and thus more environmentally, financially and socially sustainable. Improving safety for roads in urban areas, logistics energy efficiency and reducing CO2 emissions are focus areas of Logistics for life.
The Logistics for life Consortium is formed by 19 partners including global leaders in logistics, vehicle and technology manufacturing, ICT companies and research organizations representing some of the major initiatives and research projects in the field.
The aim is to achieve the following: 1) a multi-disciplinary network pursuing efficiency-related initiatives within EU, international or industrial programs; 2) a reference framework linking the stakeholders’ efficiency requirements to sustainability strategic objectives and to relevant ICT solutions; 3) a strategic roadmap for ICT solutions implementation; 4) coordinated dissemination activities and 5) a common working platform for community of users and researchers in the area of ICT logistics.


Organisations involved
European Commission 7e ramprogramme

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