Integration of LCa in the planning, design and construction of residential buildings

Boverket has proposed the mandatory introduction of LCA-based climate declarations for the construction of new multi-family residential buildings in Sweden. In order for these climate declarations to lead to building life cycles with improved sustainability performance, it is necessary that the declaration forms an integral part of the planning, design and construction stages of building projects. Currently, many well executed LCA studies do not lead to intended changes in the sustainability performance of mainstream buildings. While experience with LCA studies of buildings is rising, there is still a lack of understanding how LCA results may lead to sustainable innovations mainstream building projects. In this research project we aim finding out how and where LCA may lead to changes in the planning, design and construction of multi-family residential buildings and effectively reach a higher sustainability performance

Start date 01/01/2019
End date The project is closed: 20/12/2019

Page manager Published: Wed 11 Sep 2019.