ITS goods transports

Start date 01/01/2011
End date The project is closed: 31/03/2013
A plausible strategy for reducing the freight transport-based negative influence on the physical infrastructure is to develop a resource efficient way of handling of goods. By using the preferences and demands from the customers it is possible to create an opportunity to segment the goods according to the characteristics and demands based on the characteristics of the goods and the load on the physical infrastructure.

This segmentation can be made possible by combining the characteristics of the goods and the available resources and the physical infrastructure in terms of delivery time, time-window for delivery, etc. This way, the opportunity to combine different types of goods is created and thereby makes it possible to enable more efficient resource utilization in terms of filling rate and resource utilization. A segmentation of the goods based on the principles described here thereby means a possibility to continuously, and on each occasion utilize the most resource efficient transport solution and thereby optimally utilize available physical infrastructure.

A fundamental basis for the segmentation of the goods to be possible is that an adaptive transport system, based on ITS, can be realized. This ITS solution will be based on the fact that the demand for transport, matching available capacity and resource utilization in terms of vehicles and physical infrastructure. Thus, an ITS solution is referred to where the demand for transport, transport capacity, availability of resources and resource utilization can be combined and be made available in one single interface, thereby increasing the availability of physical resources and the use of physical infrastructure. This specifically concerns Intelligent Cargo and Infrastructure. Thus, an adaptive system is a significant part of the potential solution that could be researched.

Project leader

Kent Lumsden

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