Gender education at Chalmers: How, when and where?

The aim of this project is to further the elaboration and implementation of the emerging plan for integration of gender and diversity in all undergraduate programmes across Chalmers. It will also connect this endeavour with internationally excellent research in the field, since it is vital that the effort is supported by dedicated staff and research-based knowledge. Building on the work already being done at Chalmers the focus will be on the long-term sustainability of integrated gender and diversity teaching; clarifying which new structures need to be put in place to ensure the long-term survival of these topics in the programmes. The one year full-time post-doctoral position is placed at the division of Science, Technology and Society in TME and the post holder will: 1) Support and asses the implementation of gender teaching in engineering programmes at Chalmers, providing support both to teachers and to GRULG. 2) Undertake an inventory of successes and failures with long-term integration of gender and diversity aspects in undergraduate engineering programmes in Sweden and internationally. 3) Carry out a review of current research with relevance for the work going on at Chalmers.

Start date 01/06/2020
End date The project is closed: 31/05/2021

Page manager Published: Fri 02 Apr 2021.