Funktionella elektromagnetiska metamaterial & optisk sensing

The development of ultrasensitive but cost effective sensing technologies for detection and analysis of trace amounts of molecular and chemical species is of critical importance for the life and materials sciences, clean-tech and homeland security. Based on exciting results and rapid progress in the project “Functional Electromagnetic Metamaterials”, which obtained three-year funding within SSF’s RMA08 call, we propose a new extended and expanded research effort entirely devoted to metamaterials for optical sensing. Our key technology and competitive edge is the development of 2D plasmonic metamaterials, i.e. dense layers of metal nanostructures on solid supports with collective optical resonances that sensitively respond to environmental changes. The research program is divided into two main branches (molecular sensors for trace detection of biomarkers and explosives; sensors for materials science and clean tech applications) and one integrated enabling task, focusing on generic materials design, methods and theory. The team has a long tradition in commercializing research results and the metamaterials are specifically designed for particular applications of strategic importance for Swedish industry and society, such as biomolecular analysis, gas sensing and detection and quantification of catalytic surface processes.

Start date 01/08/2012
End date The project is closed: 30/09/2017

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