Fluid Structure Interaction

Noise and vibration are natural components within the area of Shipping and Marine Technology. Moreover, both noise and vibration generally have a negative impact on the environment, human crew and machinery. Noise and vibration caused by marine propellers could not only cause human and material fatigue but also change the behavior of fish and large sea mammals. The source of noise and vibration is in these cases traceable mainly to the interaction between the fluid (water, air) and the elastic structure (propeller, hull), a phenomenon referred to as Fluid-Structure Interaction (FSI).
Project objective
This Project aims at developing and validating high-fidelity simulation tools able to predict Fluid-Structure Interaction. In these tools the prediction of fluid flow is based on the high-end numerical technique Large Eddy Simulation (LES). The fluid flow and structural displacement are predicted using different software. In order to account for the interaction a third connecting software program is developed.
Swedish Defense Research Agency (FOI)
Lund University (LTH)

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