Exploring new business models as a result from digital supply chain planning innovations

The interest in digitalization is huge both in industry and academia. Both managers and academics seem to, crystal clear, see the potential of digitalization but still be struggling with models and implementations to realize the potential. The digitalization focus of this proposed project regards collaborative Supply Chain Planning (SCP) enabled by the access to ‘new’ data (e.g. sensor-based product-in-use status, digital product and customer models) and advanced analytics processing technology. However, the technological solutions that will enable those types of innovations in supply chains are quite complex, relying on different technologies, including several sub-technologies and processes, which will require new interaction among firms and the consequences will span firm boundaries. The business logic will be changed. Hence, there will be needs and opportunities for new business models among the involved firms that not necessarily should be of firm-centric character. In this project, network-based business model conceptualizations will form base for studying the impact of digital innovations. The aim of the proposed project is twofold:     (1) to explore how data-/technology-driven SCP innovations can affect and contribute to and result in new business models. (2) to form a consortium and generate an application for external funding. Results will include case studies of implementations and business model implications forming ground for an MSc thesis, journal paper and an external funding application.

Start date 01/01/2020
End date The project is closed: 31/12/2021

Page manager Published: Wed 03 Jun 2020.