Exploring Innovativeness in the Forest-Based Sector

Start date 01/01/2009
End date The project is closed: 31/03/2010

​This project investigated nine forest-related companies in relation to the creative climate, ability to take innovations to market, and need for renewal. The project involved interviews and questionnaire studies. Within the framework of this project, a study was conducted on the capital market’s view of the motives for investing in Swedish forest-related companies.

A number of firms participated in a quantitative study focusing innovative capabilities - Tetrapak, Billerud, Södra Cell, Eka Chemicals, SCA Packaging, SCA Personal Care, SCA Tissue, Elopak, Lyckeby, Stora Enso and Innventia.

The project aimed at measuring current state in the sector and thereby triggering a discussion on the possible need for developing innovative capabilities. In the project, also a study of the financial sector’s view was included.


The research has been carried out at the research centre Center for Business Innovation - CBI


​The results of the study have been presented for the companies involved in the project and the project ended with a common workshop involving all companies in the study. The results show that the forest based companies have a good creative climate on most climate dimensions but that the capability to innovate differs among the firms.

Most firms in the study are good at incremental innovations but many suffer from having difficulties to change their business models and grasp opportunities based on more radical offers. Many of the companies have initiated projects based on the results from the study in order to improve their work with innovation. In the project, we developed the tool for measuring innovation capabilities.

​Vinnova, Branschforskningsprogrammet and company funding
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