Efficient Maintenance for Sustaninable Transport Solutions (EMATS)

Objective and Goal: The main target is to derive the basis for new concepts for efficient maintenance of sustainable transport solutions. This is done through integrated information flow in the workshop and by using connected workshop systems e.g. collaborative robot, tools, etc. Truck operator´s planning systems will also be part of the connected workshop.By implementing these solutions transport efficiency and working environment for the technicians in the workshop will be improved. Focus will be on new type of drive trains and autonomous vehicles. Result and Expected Effects: The project is expected to result in methods, processes and vehicle adaptations to make the different steps in the maintenance solution as efficient as possible. This causes that the time the vehicles are out of operation for maintenance can be minimized and the workshop can improve the efficiency and quality assurance. This will also decrease the cost for all stakeholders. Moreover, the project will improve the work environment in the workshop. The project will also develop future sustainable transport solutions and maintenance solutions. Approach and Implementation: A cooperation workshop will be developed within the project. It will be a real workshop where different technical solutions connected to workshop efficiency and integrated information flow will be developed and tested. In the cooperation workshop solutions and methods for semi atomized vehicle service will also be developed and tested. Future requirements of the vehicle design and workshop layout will be developed which creates conditions for sustainable transport solutions and maintenance solutions where both technologies and business models are adapted.

Partner organizations

  • PostNord (Public, Sweden)
  • Arho Mekan (Private, Sweden)
  • Volvo Group (Private, Sweden)
Start date 01/04/2015
End date The project is closed: 31/03/2018
​Sustainable transport solutions require improved efficiency of the workshop processes to handle new types of vehicles (e.g. hybrid and autonomous vehicles) together with existing vehicles. Vehicle maintenance is part of the transport solution which means that we have to find concepts that make the workshop more efficient but also integrate vehicle maintenance with the operator’s tools. This is especially important given that the target is set on developing sustainable transport solutions. We will use a collaborative robot which is connected to the workshop systems and project results are to be developed and demonstrated in a workshop.

In this project, we will develop new concepts for vehicle maintenance through considering the different actors involved in the business interactions and networks of transport services as well as the integrated information flows of the workshop systems (spare parts, customer and workshop tools for service and diagnostics). By identifying a number of scenarios for future transport solutions, we will develop business models suitable for efficient maintenance.

EMATS has four main partners: the academic partner is the Division of Industrial Marketing at Chalmers University of Technology. The industrial partners are Volvo Technology AB, ARHO AB and PostNord AB. The timeframe of the project is 2015-2018.  

Project leader
​Magnus Svensson, Volvo

External project members:

Magnus Svensson, Volvo
Hans Ankergård Karolin, PostNord
Andreas Rask, ARHO
Atul Yadav, Volvo
Patrik Isaksson, Volvo
Fredrik Bode, Volvo
Christina Stenman Jörgensen, Volvo
Peter Jensen, Volvo
Martin Agaeus, Volvo
Niklas Rask, ARHO
Peter Jensen, Volvo
Sebastian Cirk, ARHO

Funded by

  • VINNOVA (Public, Sweden)
  • Volvo Group (Private, Sweden)
​Volvo Technology AB
PostNord Sverige AB

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