Discontinuous Business Innovation

Start date 01/01/2008
End date The project is closed: 30/06/2008
​The project explored how established firms work with discontinuous innovation; innovations which change the way an industry functions. It was initiated when SCA realized that they needed a different evaluation process in the New Business Development unit which aims to develop more discontinuous innovations.
​The project resulted in a proposal regarding what such a process could look like and many elements of it were implemented by the company. The gathered empirical data also was also used in several research papers later on, Sandström and Osborne (2010) and Magnusson and Sandström (2010).

​Sandström, C., Osborne, R. (2010) Managing Business Model Renewal, Submitted  to The International Journal of Business and Systems Research

Magnusson, M., Sandström, C. (2010) Discontinuous Innovation and new business models, to be submitted to the 17th International Product Development Management Conference.

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