Developing Innovation capabilities at Volvo Cars Phase 2

Start date 01/01/2011
End date The project is closed: 31/12/2012

​This project is a longitudinal study of Volvo Cars focusing on the development of capabilities for innovation. The research is building on our previous collaboration with Volvo Cars on the broad theme Developing Capabilities for Innovation. During 2011 the focus has been to understand the prerequisites underpinning Volvo Cars’ efforts and thereby investigating how to build capabilities for innovation (in large firms). We have worked closely to the newly established Corporate Innovation Office (previous “Long term Strategy and Innovation”) at Volvo Cars and followed their strategic work as well as some related activities at Volvo Cars.

Main activities during 2011 have been:

  • Observing participants in Innovation Forum, a management forum for selecting and promoting new ideas
  • Observation and analysis of an Innovation Jam
  • Continuous interviews with the manager of the Corporate Innovation Office
  • An interview study – Tracking ideas in the organization in order to reveal organizational incapabilitie.


The research has been carried out at the research center Center for Business Innovation - CBI

​VINNOVA and Volvo Cars
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