Cost-Effective Receivers for Sensing Beyond 100 GHz

Purpose and goal: Coming generations of millimeter-wave systems for sensing, security, and telecom generate a need for RF receivers with high performance at frequencies beyond 100 GHz. The key requirements are a low noise level, low cost, and a device packaging adapted for volume production. Existing products are limited to small-scale fabrication and highly specialized applications due to their bulkiness and high cost. This project addresses market needs by developing a single-chip low-noise receiver with a compact surface-mount package suitable for high-volume manufacturing. Expected results and effects: Our innovation will significantly reduce the cost barrier associated with 100 GHz+ technology and make it available to a broader market. The project will result in prototypes of the low-noise receiver for evaluation by customers on the target market. As the product offering is unique, Gotmic has the opportunity to seize large shares of a rapidly growing market at an early stage. Approach and implementation: Work packages: 1. Project Management (Project management activities.) 2. Product Specification (Definition of product requirements based on customer input and simulated data.) 3. Product Design (Modelling of semiconductor devices. Design of MMICs and low-cost package. Fabrication of chips at commercial foundry.) 4. Assembly and Verification (Assembly of prototype units. Test and verification.)

Partner organizations

  • Gotmic AB (Private, Sweden)
Start date 20/03/2019
End date The project is closed: 31/12/2020

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