Coherent optical communication systems

The project aims at, experimentally and theoretically, develop and evaluate high-capacity (>100 Gbit/s) fiber optic communication systems. This comprises photonic technology, information theory and signal processing, and is thus a multi-disciplinary effort involving collaboration with the communication systems group at the signals and systems department. 
Coherent transmission technologies have in the recent years revolutionized the way fiber optic communication links are designed, by putting more emphasis on advanced modulation and signal processing technologies in digital signal processing.
The project deals with developing novel modulation schemes, signal processing algorithms and subsystems (e.g. amplifiers) that will increase the performance of fiber optic links to satisfy the ever increasing need for data communication.
Examples of such research are our work on power-efficient modulation formats, including receiver signal processing algorithms for those formats, as well as work on phase-sensitive amplifiers, which has led to ultra-sensitive links. The project also covers nonlinear modeling of the fiber channel, which has led to state of the art signal models and capacity estimates for nonlinear fiber links.
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