Chemistry in the space between

Diffusion within and through interfaces

The vision of the project is to be able to predict the diffusion for different molecules based on the knowledge of the structure of the interface.  The knowledge about diffusion at interfaces can be used to design new materials.
When two surfaces meet there is an interface. Interfaces constitute the space or divide between areas of different materials or boundaries. In this space, two independent systems meet and act with each other. We study how molecules move across or interact with the interfaces in composite materials, drugs, bandage and health care products, packaging material and hygiene products.
For example, in a milk or juice package there are 5-10 different layers of various materials, giving the package desirable properties and protecting the product inside. By knowing the structure, width and composition of the interface, in combination with the structure of the diffusing molecule, it could be possible to predict the diffusion phenomena.

• How can we understand the diffusion within and through interfaces?
• How do different compositions and morphologies of interfaces effect the diffusion?
• How can we design a material with controllable diffusion properties?

The project is carried out in the  VINN EXCELLENCE centre SuMo Biomaterials, financed by VINNOVA.

Page manager Published: Mon 28 Oct 2013.