C/O City

Start date 01/01/2015
End date The project is closed: 31/12/2017
​Three of the future large societal challenges are climate change, loss of biodiversity and urbanization. If we are able to take advantage of ecosystem services in and in the vicinity of urban areas, there is great potential to reduce the negative impact of these challenges. In step 3, C/O City wants to utilize our tools and collected data for planning and managing for urban ecosystem services. Step 3 contains seven workpackages, which together optimizes towards resilient, multi- functional urban nature that is highly capable of delivering the ecosystem services necessary for future cities. During the first two steps of the project, C/O City have accumulated knowledge, developed tools and identified additional requirements needed to practically implement ecosystem services in urban planning and -development, both in Sweden and internationally. In Step 3, we will utilize this toolkit for multi-functional, resilient urban nature that meet a variety of urban challenges. Quantifications and valuation are in great demand for decision makers, but accuracy and assessments need to be substantiated and verified to be credible. We want to 1) develop the tools that are not fully developed in steg 2, 2) test the toolkit sharp in concrete pilot projects and 3) make data and tools for planning and development of urban ecosystem services widely available. With the knowledge that has been accumulated in C/O City, there is an advantage in terms of time and knowledge, not least from an international perspective. Along with the project ́s strong constellation with representatives from key stakeholders in the urban planning process, the project shows both credibility and effectiveness.

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