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Start date 01/08/2012

Born Global is an accelerator program for ambitious Swedish startups that aspire to go global. Selected startups are guided towards a verified and scalable business model. The program is run by Chalmers University of Technology and financed by Almi and Vinnova.

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Program presentation
Project leader
​Henrik Berglund
Almi and Vinnova

Sugen på att hänga med superentreprenörerna? (150512)

På Chalmers-acceleratorn Born Global kan startups få hjälp att växa av techprofiler som Videoplaza-grundaren Alfred Ruth och TAT-grundaren Hampus Jakobsson. Men smakar det så kostar det. 300.000 kronor närmare bestämt.

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Born Global summarizes its first year (130522)

In 2012, the Center for Business Innovation (CBI) was entrusted with running the Born Global business development programme through 2015. They were commissioned by Almi (formerly Innovationsbron), and funded directly by the Ministry of Industry, Employment and Communications. The first to get help with their business models were 10 growth companies who will soon present their results for investors and “business angels”. At the same time, 10 growth companies out of 150 nominated will be selected for Born Global II, the next step in the programme.

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Promising ICT companies supported in new initiative (121108)

Born Global is a bid to give top priority to young firms with high growth potential within Information and Communication Technology (ICT), and it’s about developing and improving processes in startup firms by systematically trying to find a scalable business model. Behind this venture are the Center for Business Innovation (CBI), a research center at Chalmers University of Technology carrying out research within innovations and innovation ability, and Innovationsbron. The original idea for the Born Global program comes from Professor Sören Sjölander, active at Chalmers and CBI.

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