Chalmers expertise relating to the war in Ukraine

At Chalmers University of Technology, there are several researchers who can contribute to issues and answer questions relating to the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Here is a selection: 
This list is being continuously updated 

Energy – prices, supply, adaptation, legislation 

Europe’s adaptation to renewable energy has created an increased dependence on Russian gas. What will happen to the energy markets? 

David Danielsguest researcher, Department of Space, Earth and Environment 
Researches into modelling, analysis and risk analysis of the global energy system, including the gas market. 

Sara FogelströmDirector of the Swedish Wind Power Technology Centre, which Chalmers is responsible for.  
+46 31-772 1662, 

Steve Gabriel, guest researcher, Department of Space, Earth and Environment. 
Research into models for energy systems and natural gas supply, including production, demand and market balance. 

Lisa GöranssonAssistant Professor, Department of Space, Earth and Environment, Energy Technology. 

Martin HultmanAssociate Professor in science-, technology- and environmental studies at the Department of Technology Management and Economics..

Filip JohnssonProfessor, Department of Space, Earth and Environment, Energy Technology 
+46 31-772 14 49,

Tomas KåbergerResearch Professor, Technology Management and Economics
Director of Chalmers Energy Area of Advance.

Anna ÅbergResearcher at the Department of Technology Management and Economics 
+46 31-772 51 28,​

Industrial resilience 

The Corona pandemic put the production world under enormous pressure, not least due to disruptions in logistics chains. Now a new shock to the system has arrived. How are industrial players and their supply chains in Sweden and abroad affected? How well can Swedish industry withstand crises? What are the biggest challenges? 

Árni HalldórssonProfessor, Technology Management and Economics
+46 31-772 1582, 

Johan Stahre, Professor and Head of Division Production Systems, Department of Industrial and Materials Science 
+46 31-772 1288,​  

Information technology and cyber attacks 

Magnus AlmgrenAssociate Professor, Computer and Network Systems division, Department of Computer Science and Engineering. His research interests include cyber security and information systems. 
+46 31-772 1702,  
Benjamin ErikssonPhD Student, Computing Science Division, Department of Computer Science and Engineering. He focuses on new methods to automatically detect and deal with vulnerabilities in complex software ecosystems. 
+46 76-0313371,​ 

Nuclear power, nuclear technology and safety 

Will the war affect Swedish nuclear industry’s access to fuel? If Russia closes or drastically reduces the energy supply to Europe, several countries will be in a very difficult situation. Can nuclear power replace gas in part or in whole? What other risks and consequences connected to nuclear technology and reactor safety exists connected to the war? 
Christian EkbergProfessor, Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, Industrial Materials Recycling and Nuclear Chemistry
+46 31-772 2801,

Christophe DemazièreProfessor, Subatomic, High Energy and Plasma Physics, Department of Physic
+46 31-772 3082,  

Teodora Retegan VollmerProfessor, Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, Nuclear Chemistry/Industrial Materials Recycling
+46 31-772 2881, 

Mark ForemanAssociate Professor, Nuclear Chemistry, Department of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering
+46 31 772 2928​

Architecture and Civil Engineering

Destruction of buildings – consequences, reconstruction, and cultural artefacts 
Claes CaldenbyProfessor Emeritus, Architecture and Civil Engineering, Architectural Theory and Methods. He has particular knowledge of the architecture and construction in Kiev and Odessa. 
+46 76-1336003, 
Ola NylanderArtistic Professor, Architecture and Civil Engineering, Building Design.   
+46 73-0346348,​ 

Mobile networks and radio communications

Erik StrömProfessor, Head of Division of Communications, Antennas and Optical Networks, Department of Electrical Engineering
+46 772 51 82,

Page manager Published: Thu 31 Mar 2022.