What to expect as a Master's student

​This autumn hundreds of Master´s students from around the world will arrive at Chalmers. There are many new experiences that come with moving to not just a new university, but also a new country.

University Vice President Maria Knutson Wedel, and Student Union President Gustav Eriksson share their advice for making the most of your time at Chalmers, and in Gothenburg.

“For many students it can be surprising that students here are also ‘co-actors’ at the university. Many former Master´s students mention that the learning proces at Chalmers is different from how it is in their home countries, with ‘Swedish study habits’, says Maria Knutson Wedel.

“In Sweden we use a lot of team work when we study, and students call their teacher by first name – even the University President”, she continues.

"All members should thrive and develop"

Gustav Eriksson stresses that the Student Union is about being there for the students, and that students should seize the opportunity to take part in the union´s activities to get as much as possible out of their study time at Chalmers.

“Our vision is ‘All members should thrive and develop during their time at Chalmers’ – and that is of course also true for the master students”, he says.

Maria Knutson Wedel recommends going to the many events that are being held during the orientation weeks.

“During this time, there´s a wide range of events on offer, and you can find friends and study companions. Have a look at the ‘ice breaker-events’”.

An international campus

Gustav Eriksson, also emphasises the international flair that the foreign students give Chalmers.

“It is great to have you here, and to have you contribute to the international atmosphere at Chalmers that makes us all grow”.

“Building contacts with the Swedish students is one of the keys to achieving an international and integrated environment at Chalmers – which benefits us all”.

So – how do you make friends with a Swede?

“I think all of us here really welcome your arrival which brings the world to Chalmers . Swedes really appreciate being approached, and people trying to make contact with them – even if we might seem a bit difficult and shy in the beginning. Just try!”, says Maria Knutson Wedel.​

Text: Erik Krång

Photo: Johan Bodell

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Published: Wed 27 Jun 2018. Modified: Mon 02 Jul 2018