Visual translation: Picture of Sara Wallin.
​Sara Wallin, new CEO of Chalmers Ventures.​​​​

New CEO of Chalmers Ventures

​After five years, Chalmers Ventures has established itself as an internationally leading incubator and investment business. Now, its focus is increasingly on deriving greater benefit from Chalmers research, and, in collaboration with other actors, building companies to address major societal challenges. The new CEO of Chalmers Ventures will be Sara Wallin, current CEO of Almi Väst.
Since its founding in 2015, Chalmers Ventures has had a fantastic development, and established itself as an internationally leading incubator and investment business. In November 2019, the company was named one of the world's ten best university incubators at the World Incubation Summit in Doha, Qatar.

Now, halfway into the ten-year establishment period, a strategic review has been conducted, and a new ownership directive has been set. The goal is that the company should, to an even higher degree, increase the societal benefit of Chalmers’ excellent research, through investments and collaboration with other actors. It is in this new, more expansive phase, that Chalmers Ventures has appointed a new CEO. 

Sara Wallin has had a long career in areas such as finance, entrepreneurship, venture capital, marketing and sales, with many leading and strategic roles. She has been CEO of Almi Väst since 2009 and has active board assignments for, among others, Tillväxtverket and the University of Gothenburg.

“For me, the work that Chalmers Ventures does is a crucial piece of the puzzle for Sweden's future,” says Sara Wallin.

“We make a difference by creating opportunities for start-up entrepreneurs and established companies to build competitive, international businesses around unique, research-based ideas. At the same time, we make a difference by having our companies tackle global and complex societal challenges, such as fighting antibiotic resistance, developing future cancer diagnostics and future energy solutions from solar cells to marine energy. I am proud to be part of all this and to be able to contribute as we go forward.”

With Sara Wallin at the helm, Chalmers Ventures welcomes a CEO with a wide and long-established network in business, academia and public administration, according to Johan Inden, Chair of the Board of Chalmers Ventures.

“I feel that Sara has a genuine passion for people, a very strong sense of the future and an excellent ability to communicate and engage. We are happy to be able to welcome her here on the journey further,” says Johan Inden.

Sara Wallin will take over as CEO by 1 December. Until then, the organisation is being led by Acting CEO Gunnar Fernström.

Text: Christian Borg
Photo: Anna Sigvardsson Högborg

Published: Thu 28 May 2020.