More student housing is being built in Gothenburg

​Finding suitable accommodation is an issue for many new students in Gothenburg. Chalmers is dedicated to make sure that the student housing situation improves, and work is underway to build new student residences close to Chalmers campus Johanneberg.

The project Gbg 7000+, that Chalmers is taking part in, intends to build 7 000 new student residences in ​Gothenburg between the years 2016 and 2026. Since the project started, around 900 new student apartments have been built, and there are more to come already this year. 

Over 200 new student apartments in 2019

One of the ongoing building projects is called Gibraltar Guesthouse, located right by Chalmers campus Johanneberg. 100 new student residences are currently being built there and the residences are intended for international master students and guest researchers, with planned occupancy beginning in August 2019. 

Another project that has recently been completed, the Uddjaur quarter, is also located close to campus Johanneberg and consists of 118 student residences, mainly studio apartments. The Uddjaur project has also been certified as a green building by Sweden Green Building Council. By checking the building with indicators regarding energy use, indoor environment and materials, the certification ensures that the building is good both for the environment and for those who live there. 

Easy commute to the university is key

One important part in the Gbg7000+ project is that the residences should be located so that it is easy to travel to and from the university. The residences are spread out in different parts of Gothenburg but are all within easy commuting distance to Chalmers campus, and some of them are even within walking distance. At most, it takes 30 minutes with public transport from the student residence to Chalmers.

The size of the new residences varies between studio apartments, two-room apartments and three-room apartments, but they all keep the same standard. All new student residences are equipped with a bathroom including a shower, a kitchen including a fridge and a freezer, warm water, electricity and internet.

More student housing in the coming years

Several other projects are planned to help increase the amount of student housing in Gothenburg. In 2020, 54 new student residences will be finished right by two existing student houses by campus Johanneberg. 

The biggest upcoming project planned is called Holtermanska, located right by Chalmers, that consists of 450 new student apartments. The Holtermanska project does not currently have a set start date for construction, but planned occupancy for the residences is currently in 2023 and the residences will consist of 350 studio apartments, 35 two-room apartments and 65 three-room apartments.

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Text: Sophia Kristensson

Published: Wed 19 Jun 2019.