An amazing week at Chalmers

The most exciting conference week ever to take place at Chalmers is approaching! 40 world-leading scientists, including 13 Nobel Prize winners are coming.

May 4-8 will be an extraordinary week at Chalmers. About 40 world-leading scientists, 13 of which are Nobel laureates, will come to Chalmers to present their research and take part in panel discussions. Monday through Wednesday are organized as Nobel Workshops, while Thursday and Friday constitute a Molecular Frontiers Symposium, to which also a large number of high school students are invited.

Please note that the program is still preliminary and will be subject to change.

Download program here (Pdf)



All conference days are free of charge and you will be able to register for any day(s) you like. In case you register for more than one day and one of the days is fully booked, you will be contacted about being on a waiting list for that day. This is handled manually, so there may be a delay in communication.

The conference week is supported by four Areas of Advance at Chalmers (Materials Science, Energy, Nanoscience and Nanotechnology and Life Science Engineering), as well as the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences, Hasselblad Foundation, Vetenskapsrådet, ​Kungliga Vetenskaps- och Vitterhets-Samhället, The Nobel Committees for Physics, Chemistry and Physiology or medicine, Gothenburg Centre for Advanced Studies in Science and Technology, and Mabel Dorn Foundation.

Published: Mon 30 Mar 2015. Modified: Wed 03 Jun 2015