Audio Description: Cartoon image from Costellazione Manga by Yvette Gustafsson
​The AHA festival 2018 will take place at the Student Union building at Chalmers campus Johanneberg on 19-21 November. The program will be filled with public performances, lectures, workshops, exhibitions and seminar conversations. One of the many highlights in the programme is Costellazione Manga, a space journey through Astronomy, Japanese comics and animation.
​Image: Yvette Gustafsson.

Game intelligence and quantum biology at the AHA Festival

​Creative technology, cave art, game intelligence, historical geniuses and investigating workshops. The AHA festival at Chalmers gathers researchers, students and artists - and invites the public to investigate the borders between science and art.
​This year, the theme is Play Everything and the festival will take place at the Student Union building at Chalmers on 19-21 November. The programme will be filled with public performances, lectures, workshops, exhibitions and seminar conversations. Permeating the festival is the driving force of curiosity and the festival aims to celebrate science as well as art.

“It is essential to have different perspectives and competences when facing the challenges in our society. The AHA festival combines different disciplines within both science and art and offers new ways of exploring the world, aiming towards a sustainable society”, says Michael Eriksson, one of two project leaders of the AHA festival.

The idea of a border-crossing and international event emerged from a poetry evening at Chalmers. With inspiration from the ongoing artistic activities at the Department of Architecture,  the first AHA festival was arranged in 2014. This year’s festival, which is the fifth, involves several of the departments at Chalmers and presents a wide range of Chalmers research and thrilling border-crossing activities.

“It might not be that well known, but Chalmers rests upon both a scientific and an artistic ground. This is one way of expressing that. The driving force behind all creativity is curiosity and the most essential questions are the ones that you have in mind when you leave the festival”, says Peter Christensson, project leader of the AHA festival.

Five highlights at this year’s Aha-festival:

From Cave Art to Smart mobile phones.
Researchers and artists as Mats Rosengren, Ida Rödén, Kerstin Hamilton, Oliver Chanarin and Mattias Marklund, elaborates on different aspects of picturing our reality.
19 November 13:00-17:00

Photosynthesis and evolution does not discriminate between classical and quantum physics, but we and quantum compters do.
Chalmers researchers Göran Johansson and Fredrik Höök, speak about how quantum research may change our lives, followed by a conversation between the researcher Martin Cederwall and the author Helena Granström.
20 November 11:00-13:00

Electronic and acoustic expressions meet in great openness and curiosity.
Meet the artists in SuperSilent, Arve Henriksen, Ståle Storlökken and Helge Sten, and get insights in the Kyma technology, the creative process and listen to the Norweigan avant-garde improvisational music group.
20 November, 13:00-15:00, 21 November, 10:30-12:00 and 21 November, 20:30-22:00

A space journey through Astronomy, Japanese comics and animation.
In Costellazione Manga, we find the cartoon drawer Yvette Gustafsson and the researcher Daria Dall`Olio.
21 November 09:00-10:30

Game intelligence and mathematical adventures in the world of sports.
Football coach Andreas Alm, researchers Torbjörn Lundh, Carl Lindberg and Jan Lennartsson, and authors David Sumpter and Torbjörn Vestberg, speaks about game intelligence and coincidence. 
21 November 13:00-16:30

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About the festival

The AHA festival will take place in Gothenburg on 19-21 November. Welcome to the Student Union building, second floor, at Chalmers campus Johanneberg. The address is Chalmersplatsen 1. 
The festival will be free of charge and open to the public.
Join us and be curious!

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Michael Eriksson, Project Leader, AHA Festival:  +46 (0)70 583 51 85, 

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Published: Mon 19 Nov 2018.