The first Volvo Group scholarship winners have been named

Volvo Group are investing one million Swedish crowns a year in a new scholarship for foreign Master's students at Chalmers. The scholarship finances tuition fees for four students from India and China each year.

‘I have always wanted to work in an international company,’ says Yuan Wenjing (to the right), one of the recently announced scholarship students who has just begun at Chalmers.

Knew about Chalmers
Yuan is 22 and comes from China. She has known about Chalmers for a while, because her cousin has also studied here. Now Yuan is one of the first winners of the new scholarship from AB Volvo.
She has just begun her Master's studies in Software Engineering.

Preferred daddy's tool box
Akhil Krishnan (picture below) from India has also won a scholarship and says he has always been interested in machines and plant:
‘My parents used to say I was happier when playing with adjustable spanners and pliers from my dad’s tool box than I was with toys,’ Akhil said, in an interview on the AB Volvo website.
Akhil Krishnan will be studying the Automotive Engineering Master's Programme.
In addition to Yuan Wenjing and Akhil Krishnan, other scholarship winners are Cuit Gongpei and Rathinavel Jeyabalan, who will be studying the Computer Systems and Networks and Electric Power Engineering Master's Programmes respectively.

Create new scholarship programs
Peter Lindwall and Marianne Gyllensten work as fund raisers at Chalmers. Their job is to create new scholarship programs for students outside the EU/EES area and who have been hit by the new tuition fees introduced a year ago.
‘That resulted in a considerable drop in foreign students, although we did relatively well in comparison to other Swedish universities thanks to our strong international profile making us very attractive,’ Peter Lindwall said.

At present, Chalmers are offering over 90 scholarships to Master's students coming from outside Europe. The collaboration with Volvo Group is an important addition.
‘We’re very pleased over this collaboration. It is especially important to cooperate with companies that both see and understand the usefulness generated by such collaboration, not only for the scholarship holders, but for all the other students who thereby obtain new contact networks and experience of a genuinely international study environment at Chalmers,’ Peter Lindwall said.

Investment for the future
Volvo Group decided to invest in the new scholarships in order to ensure their supply of skilled personnel for the future.
‘The Volvo Group operate in 190 countries. It is essential for us to be able to recruit competent personnel from varied backgrounds. Over and above that, we are also very pleased to contribute to the maintenance of an international study environment, which we believe benefits everyone,’ said Kerstin Renard, Executive Vice President Corporate HR at AB Volvo.

Part of the Preferred Talent Partner Agreement
The scholarships cover tuition fees for four students from India and China for two years. The Master's Programmes supported include those within automotive engineering, electrical engineering, computer systems and networks or software development.
The scholarship agreement is part of the Preferred Talent Partner Agreement signed by the university and the Volvo Group on Volvo Day at Chalmers on the 4th of May. There is another earlier and similar agreement with the Volvo Group over research collaboration.
In the picture to the right: Karin Markides, Chalmers president and CEO and Kerstin Renard from Volvo Group sign the agreement.

Text: Michael Nystås and Markus Lindberg, Volvo Group Newsdesk
Photography: Cicci Jonson, Bilduppdraget and private sources.

Read full interview in English with scholarship holders Yuan Wenjing and Akhil Krishnan on the Volvo Group web site >>>

Published: Wed 26 Sep 2012. Modified: Tue 06 Nov 2012