Researchers awarded 'Article of the month'

The year 2013 starts with the flag flying high for Chalmers researchers Marcus Holgersson and Ove Granstrand. One of their papers, ‘The 25% Rule Revisited and a New Investment-based Method for Determining FRAND Licensing Royalties’, has been awarded ‘Article of the month’ by the journal les Nouvelles. The journal is published by the Licensing Executives Society International (LESI), an association working with Intellectual Property issues such as licensing of patents and copyrights.
Congratulations, Marcus! What does this award mean to you?
– As LESI largely comprises practitioners and experts in various types of licensing, it feels like a good indication that the contents of the paper will be put into practical use. We also hope that the award will lead to better diffusion of the paper

What is the paper about?
– We have written about the pricing of licenses for different types of IP, for example patents and copyrights. This is an area that historically has been characterized by rules of thumb. In our paper, we instead promote theoretically based methods for the determination of prices. The paper discusses the most established rule of thumb, which is based on historical cases. The problem with this method is that the pricing is not adapted to the present case with the current actors and technology.

Text: Caroline Örmgård
Photo: Huawei
Translation: Eva Burford

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Published: Wed 16 Jan 2013.