New portal collects courses in traffic safety

Ten training providers are offering 29 courses. And this is only the beginning. The web portal Safer Insight is now being launched - collecting courses in vehicle and traffic safety all under one roof. “For quite some time, there has been an idea of complementing Safer's operations with a training portal. It's great that we've finally been able to carry through with the idea”, says Anna Nilsson-Ehle, director of Safer.

The Safer Vehicle and Traffic Safety Centre - hosted by Chalmers and with the Swedish Governmental Agency for Innovation Systems (VINNOVA) as principal financer - is comprised of partners from academia, institutes, industry and the authorities. Research includes such issues as how to avoid accidents, reduce injuries in event of a collision and to minimize the consequences of an accident. Many projects concern human behaviour in vehicles and in real traffic environments.

Part of the mission of Safer is to be a platform for interaction and exchange of knowledge through education.
Hence, there has for quite some time been an idea of complementing Safer's operations with a training portal. It's great that we've finally been able to carry through with the idea. With the help of Safer Insight, we can show the courses offered by our partners. This gives us a new and efficient tool in communicating current research and expertise within our important operational area, says Anna Nilsson-Ehle.

Safer Insight is a portal containing a strong portfolio of professional development activities in advanced traffic safety for university students and professionals – with the aim to reach an international audience.
For purchasers of training, Safer Insight provides a good overview of the course assortment, which means that they can make better decisions when they invest in skills development. At the same time it is our hope that the new arrangement will lead to customers putting together courses from different providers into new and interesting combinations. For our partners, Safer Insight entails new opportunities for showcasing their courses and finding new customers, says Anna Nilsson-Ehle.

So far, courses are given by ten training providers: Chalmers University of Technology, University of Gothenburg, Halmstad University, Royal Institute of Technology (KTH), Lund University, Safer, SP Technical Research Institute of Sweden, Swerea SICOMP, and Institute of Transport Economics (TØI).

All courses are connected to some of the six specific focus topics and eleven competence areas defined by Safer.

The new web portal was launched on the 1st of November.

Text: Michael Nystås and Lisa Knutsson
Photo: Jan-Olof Yxell

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