​Tommy Hvitfelt

Huge leap on prestigious QS World University Rankings

​Chalmers University of Technology climbs 43 spots, placing 132 on this year’s QS World University Rankings. The result is the best in a decade.
The results of the QS World University Rankings 2015-2016 have been published. Compared to last year, Chalmers University of Technology advances in five of a total of six categories. 

The dominating reason is the fact that Chalmers’ scientific impact is valued higher this year than previous years. In the category marked “citations per faculty”, Chalmers University of Technology advanced from last year’s 31.2 to 45.9, resulting in a 150-spot climb from place 279 to 129 within the category – which constituted a fifth of the total score. 

QS has changed its methodology in regards to measuring scientific citations. From this year on, the fact that publishing and citation patterns differ from discipline to discipline is taken into account. This favours universities that are strong within arts and humanities, but also those with strong technical and applied research, like Chalmers University of Technology.

“At Chalmers University of Technology, we have put a lot of effort into securing the quality of our research. We have increased the number of scientific publications as well as the quality, which, in turn, has led to greater scientific impact. Now, we are pleased to see that this is also reflected in the QS rankings. The change in methodology suits Chalmers University of Technology and the traditions regarding publications that we have here,” First Vice President Mats Viberg says. 

“Many, like us, welcome this change in methodology, as it enables a more fair comparison of differently profiled universities in regards to scientific impact,” he continues.

A higher teacher-to-student ratio than last year, as well as a larger number of professors and researchers with an international background, also boosts our overall performance. In other categories – for example the percentage of international students and Chalmers University of Technology’s reputations among university graduates and employers – saw few changes compared to last year.

The strongest branch for Chalmers University of Technology is recognition from the industry, which in the QS World University Rankings is based on an employer survey. Chalmers University of Technology places 86 in the world in that category. 

About QS World University Rankings

The QS World University Rankings includes approximately 700 universities worldwide. The ranking is in part based on uncontrollable, subjective data from surveys. QS completed its very first ranking of universities in 2004, by order of what is now its biggest competitor, Times Higher Education. At that time, Chalmers University of Technology placed 110. This year’s ranking is the highest since then. The methodology for measuring has been changed several times, so the results are not fully comparable over time.

Page manager Published: Tue 22 Sep 2015.