Chalmers reputation highest in Sweden according to Sifo
​Kantar Sifo

Chalmers' reputation highest in Sweden

​The research and survey corporation Kantar TNS has published its reputation index for Swedish universities since 2012. During all the years, Chalmers University of Technology has topped the measurement, and in 2017 clearly strengthened its top position. The results measure the perception of Swedish universities among the Swedish public.
​According to Kantar TNS (in Sweden Kantar Sifo) the perception is primarily based on four factors. That the university is considered:
  • successful
  • top notch quality
  • competitive
  • credible in the media
The foundation for good reputation is therefore a well-functioning business. But good ability to communicate the university's successes and benefits is also required, Sifo says.

Stefan Bengtsson, President and CEO of Chalmers University of Technology"It is extremely honorable to us that the Swedish people have such high thoughts about our business, which I am very proud of. I am also glad that we reach out as we do, and think that one reason is that we like to cooperate and do so with many different kinds of parties, which is great fun, says Stefan Bengtsson, President and CEO of Chalmers University of Technology.

The study is based on a web survey where over 3000 people, representing the Swedish public between ages 18 and 74, have received a large number of follow-up questions about the institutions they know. The answers result in an index for each institution. The average index is 63 this year, while Chalmers University of Technology is ranked highest in Sweden with index 88, followed by KTH (85), Lund (82) and Uppsala University (81).

The basic pattern is that the technical universities, perceived by the public as research intense, and the country's oldest university in general have high reputation. The most dramatic change since the surveys began in 2012 is that the Karolinska Institute, after the acclaimed so-called Macchiarini affair, has fallen from a steady position over index 80 to below 50, after two sharp declines over the last years.

Just one day before Kantar Sifo presented his reputation index, the employer branding company Universum released its survey Company Barometer, where 22,000 students were able to rank their institutions. In that survey, Chalmers University of Technology reached second place in Sweden after the Stockholm School of Economics in both categories "most satisfied students" and "employment focus".

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Published: Wed 23 Aug 2017.