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Chalmers maintains the highest reputation in Sweden

​Research firm Kantar Sifo has measured the Swedish general public’s opinion on Swedish universities every year since 2012. In every survey so far, Chalmers has had the highest reputation – and this year is no different. Meanwhile, Lund University has taken second place for the first time, overtaking KTH Royal University of Technology.
Chalmers is still the most well-known university in Sweden, a prerequisite for having a high reputation. Other factors that strongly influence the general public's high opinion are that Chalmers University of Technology is regarded as:

  • ​Successful
  • A high-class institution
  • Competitive
  • Contributing to society at large
  • Credible in the media
The foundation for a good reputation is a well-functioning organisation. That always comes first, according to Kantar Sifo. But a top reputation also requires a good ability to communicate the university's successes and benefits.

With a score of 88, Chalmers has the highest reputation in Sweden, followed by Lund University (85), KTH (83), Uppsala University (82) and the Faculty of Engineering, Lund University (LTH) (80). 

Since the first reputational ranking was carried out in 2012, Chalmers’ score has never been lower than 86. During that time, the average score for Swedish universities has sunk from 69 to 62 this year. Generally, those with the highest reputation are the research-heavy technical universities, as well as the older institutions.
The research is carried out via an online survey during the month of July. 3700 people took part, with participants representing Swedish society between the ages of 18 and 74. For each university that participants were aware of, a number of follow-up questions were posed. For Chalmers, this was around 435 people. In total, 21 Swedish universities were included. 

Text: Christian Borg

Published: Tue 27 Aug 2019.