CHARM is a fair fair

​Since last fall, when Chalmers and the Chalmers Student Union gathered testimonials about sexual harassments and unsafety at campus, the university and the union is working actively to stop this. When CHARM 2018 (Chalmers Student Union’s career fair) is beginning, it’s taking place as a “fair fair”.

​At the Student Union Building at Chalmers campus Johanneberg, as well as part of the SB building, there are red carpets signal that CHARM is under way. After the opening ceremony the fair is filled rapidly, as loads of Chalmers students wants to get in contact with companies about thesis work, summer jobs or other. But after the big metoo movement last fall, there is a new focus for the fair crew. The Chalmers Student Union has developed the project “A fair fair” to fight discrimination at the fair. 

– A “fair fair” is about creating a safe meeting place between students and companies. It’s also about raising awareness of the problems that we have both here at Chalmers, but in the community as well, says Olof Svanberg, project manager of CHARM.

– Gender equality is a top priority for Chalmers University of Technology. Here, at our university of course, but also in preparing our student to contribute to equal working places when they have left Chalmers as graduates, in their future careers, says University president Stefan Bengtsson.

For example, all exhibitors have agreed to the Student Union Equality Policy against sexism in order to have a stand at the fair. CHARM is open 6th–7th of February 2018.

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Text and photo: Sofia Larsson-Stern
Video: Johan Bodell

Published: Tue 06 Feb 2018. Modified: Thu 08 Feb 2018