A beacon for interdisciplinary education
​The 10 institutions most frequently identified as ‘current leaders’ in engineering education
​Source: The Global State of the Art in Engineering Education

Chalmers "a beacon for interdisciplinary education"

​A new benchmarking report from MIT ranks Chalmers University of Technology top ten in the world of engineering education. Strong interdisciplinary programmes and healthy emphasis on teaching excellence, are highlighted as two of Chalmers' characteristics.
​The report from MIT puts a spotlight on worldwide trends in the changing landscape of engineering education, pinpoints the current and emerging leaders in the field, and describes some of its future directions. It is based on interviews with 178 thought leaders with knowledge of and experience with world-leading engineering programs.

"Chalmers University of Technology in Sweden was noted by a number of interviewees to be 'a real beacon for their interdisciplinary programs... they have created a good power balance [between the departments and the programs] with mutual commitment from both sides'," writes Dr Ruth Graham, independent higher education consultant and author of this global review of cutting-edge practice in engineering education.

Chalmers also gets recognition for its quality and pervasiveness of faculty training in education, and how educational achievements are rewarded career-wise.

Educational excellence is often confined to certain environments, one programme or one department. Best practice is seldom a university-wide phenomenon. But European universities like Aalborg, Delft, Chalmers and KTH seem to have been able to take a more coordinated, consistent approach than most American universities, according to the report.

Ruth Graham will present the report at a seminar at Chalmers University of Technology later this spring. The full report is available for download here:

The Global State of the Art in Engineering Education

Text: Christian Borg

Page manager Published: Tue 10 Apr 2018.