Madeleine Wahlberg is the new Community Manager for Chalmers E-village

Madeleine Wahlberg is the new Community Manager for Chalmers E-village. By listening in, creating a strong network and getting several different stakeholders within entrepreneurship and innovation to work towards the same goal, she will be a part of creating a place where entrepreneurship is for everyone.
​Ever since her school years, Madeleine has been engaged in entrepreneurial activities. She’s been involved in various boards, helped small businesses, created the national final for the Swedish business plan competition Venture Cup, and worked with the business association for the Gothenburg high-street “Avenyn” to name a few.

On the 3rd of March, Madeleine became Chalmers E-village's new Community Manager. As Community Manager, she wants to create a strong network inside Chalmers University of Technology. A network that unites different parties in the field of innovation and entrepreneurship and promotes individuals and organisations to collaborate with each other even more.

“I want to create bridges between individuals, students, researchers, academia, companies, the city of Gothenburg and beyond. To have everyone working towards common goals and collaborate with each other ", says Madeleine.
Most recently, Madeleine worked for the Fundraising Foundation at Queen Silvia's Children's Hospital, where she had the role as operations manager.

In her role as a leader, Madeleine is passionate about bringing different kinds of people and stakeholders towards a common goal. 

“As a leader, I think it’s important to listen in and understand the needs of different individuals and organisations, and to be able to read what is said between the lines. Otherwise, you can’t create an offer that is valuable for them ", says Madeleine.

Madeleine chose Chalmers E-village as her new workplace because of the incredible drive that she believes exists in the phase of realizing business ideas. She looks forward to working with entrepreneurship again and helping to create something new together with strong already existing and future players.

“The building blocks are there, but there is need for drawings and cement to create something large, attractive and sustainable. I think shaping networks and finding synergy effects for driven people and companies is fun and is already available today at Chalmers. I see enormous potential in Chalmers E-village to create something really big in the future”, says Madeleine.

Privately under normal circumstances, Madeleine likes to surround herself with a lot of people and is also a coach of her son's football team. She likes to be outdoors in the ski track or on a hiking trail in her spare time.

“I like to get active and be out in nature. I simply relax by being active,” says Madeleine.

In 5 years, she sees Chalmers E-village as a vibrant place, full of energy with a lot of forward thinking. She also hopes that within this time frame, Chalmers E-village also received a lot of attention, national as well as international.

“I don’t believe in building castles in the air but instead building something with a solid foundation. And then you can reach higher. So, in 5 years, I believe that Chalmers E-village will have that solid ground so we can continue our journey to contribute to Chalmers' goal of being one of the leading entrepreneurial universities in the world by 2029,” says Madeleine.

During the recruitment phase, it was not only Chalmers and the entrepreneurial mindset that attracted Madeleine to Chalmers E-village.

"The people I met during the application period have been extremely nice and sharp, which also attracted me to accept the position," concludes Madeleine.


Page manager Published: Tue 09 Mar 2021.