How Do I write Letter of Intent/Motivation?

You need motivation to write a motivation letter to motivate the admission committee into selecting you!!

Admission round has been open for quite a while now and the deadline is fast approaching. Just like a CV, motivation letter is also a mandatory document to be eligible for Chalmers administered scholarship. The general rules regarding this document can be found on Chalmers webpage. You can also read in Karen’s blog​ what she included in her motivation letter. Today I am going to talk about some important facts that will make your letter impressive!!
It is specifically mentioned in the above link that your motivation letter should be one page long. So it has to be an intellectual autobiography, full of information and intention, but conveying continuum experience and academic events that led your desire to your preferred graduate education. It is always a good practice to do a bit of homework. Look up for your program, courses that are offered, faculties that are involved and research that is going on. This gives you a head start to determine how this will benefit your career. In opening paragraph, start briefly stating about yourself, your past education and work experience. Also mention your desired program and reason behind your application to it, all in a direct manner. 

In subsequent paragraphs, discuss your undergraduate study in general. Then describe experiences, events or courses that created the foundation and developed your interest in that field. Give short but useful examples, for instance your findings in thesis. Weave a continuous story linking your past and future by demonstrating your motivation and inspiration for continued study. Any specific qualification or research experience relating to your academic goal should be discussed in detail. Try illustrating your ability to develop ideas or your determination to achieve goals.

Mention how this program will take you closer to your dream and how society around you can be benefitted from that.  In concluding paragraph, be straightforward and state that you are qualified, motivated and likely to be successful in your study. Link why you think you are skilled enough to be admitted in that program. 

Now this may look like a lot of information to put in one page, but believe me you can and will do it once you start writing. Remember
●Place important points early
●Use active voice
●Be positive and emphasize your strengths
●Be accurate, organized and orderly
●Use transition to tie one paragraph to the next
●Narrate information that your CV does not have 

Hope this article will take off the pressure and boost your writing capability. Best of luck for your application!! 

Author: Raihan Abir

Page manager Published: Wed 11 Dec 2019.