How important is your selection ranking?

​Here is why I rank Chalmers as my first priority!

You might be working on your University application now, make sure that you follow the process properly. In the application, you can select up to four programs either in the same university or not, and you will be asked to put them in order to show your priority. You should pay attention to your priority because it would affect your selection process on University Admissions .
When I applied last time, I put Chalmers as my first priority because of two reasons. First, I was convinced of the program after reviewing its curriculum. I realized that the selection process would consider me from the highest to lower rank I set, and in the end, I would be offered only one. So, I should put my highest priority with the program I was most interested in. Second, it was a requirement for Chalmers’ scholarships applications, as you can read from the story of the students receiving Chalmers’ scholarships such as Adlerbert, Avancez, IPOET, Volvo Cars, Volvo Group and else.

Why was I convinced with Chalmers?
It was not only the program that influenced my decision, but also the university, Chalmers! It was important for me to choose a university that could offer its students various opportunities such as international mobility, broad network with industries and other institutions, employability​, etc. and Chalmers could do that. The city was also a major part of my consideration since it was my very first experience studying and living abroad alone. Gothenburg is a big yet a calm city which is also one of the friendliest cities in Europe. I feel safe and comfortable here.
Of all universities that I was interested in, I found that Chalmers’ scholarships were very clear in terms of application, instructions, and benefits, that’s why I ranked Chalmers as first and I got it! In the end, when you put Chalmers as your first priority, you have tried to convince Chalmers that you are eager to be a part of Chalmers.
So, now you know how significant your selection of the ranking is, along with my decision-making process. To make your decision, you can start by asking yourself what matters most to you when applying for a university. Does the program interest you? What kind of campus environment and education system are you looking for? Do you want to apply for a scholarship from the university? and so on, which you can find on the university website. Take your time to convince yourself and I wish you the best for your application! 

Page manager Published: Tue 22 Dec 2020.