Falling down the slopes with Chalmers alternative sports

​This is my story of skiing for the first time during a trip to Hemsedal, Norway with a student association at Chalmers. 
Hemsedal Chalmers ski trip

It was a chilly afternoon in November 2019 when I received a message from a fellow Mexican friend. He asked
 me if I wanted to join a ski trip that the Chalmers Alternative Sports (CAS) ​was organizing. They are a student association at Chalmers for people that like to try new and different sports. I told him that I didn’t know how to ski but I was interested to learn so I agreed. I was very excited from the moment I went to pick up my rented ski gear. I already had a ski coat (without realizing) so I just had to buy the ski pants. Honestly, I was very nervous since I had never done something similar. My expectations were simple, have fun, learn how to ski, and survive. I watched several YouTube videos of skiing tutorials, asked all my friends for tips, and I felt I was ready for it. I was very wrong. 

The date arrived and the meeting point was next to the Chalmers’ library, and there I was running with all the equipment under the rain. We were sitting according to the rooms inside the bus so I met our roommates right away. I also met a group of Spanish people that were staying in the rooms around ours, very cool people. Then Luigi and Rafa, the two friends that had the idea of signing me up for this trip, arrived just in time. Finally, we started the journey to Hemsedal, Norway. We arrived at night but were super awake because a moose gave us a good scare when it decided to cross the road in front of us. Everyone was okay, including the moose. 

Hemsedal Chalmers ski tripIt was awesome to see snow in every direction and the big mountain in front of us. The room was lit, we got a sauna, a kitchen, a warm floor, and a fireplace. It was perfect for a good rest before the big day. The next morning I prepared by wearing my three layers of warm clothes and gearing up. As you can imagine, I clumsily approached my first stop which was the kids' slope. Fortunately, I wasn’t the only newbie, along with me there were some other Chalmerists from warmer countries. After I managed to not fall on that slope, I went up the mountain because there were some instructors up there. There were also cookies and warm beverages, courtesy of CAS.

I remember I approached one of the instructors and asked him to teach me some of the basics. Maybe he wasn’t an instructor because he told me to just go down the green (easy) slope. Hesitant, I agreed and then proceeded to fall my way down the mountain. It was a good workout for those quads every time that I had to stand back up. Eventually, I reached the end of the slope where the after-ski is located. That’s an amazing place, we all enjoyed the evenings there listening to the live band, singing, and having fun. I met a lot of new people that day, especially during the sauna activity back in the accommodation. All the rooms that had their door open were participating and everyone was free to go to any of the saunas of those. 

I spent the next day learning the basics… like braking and turning. I was also amazed by the ability that those kids had. They didn’t tell me anything but they were probably having some fun watching my learning progress. Imagine myself happy about finally going in the direction I wanted and then a kid skiing backwards overtaking me. Nevertheless, I was proud of skiing my way down after the after-ski that day. 

The activity of that night was in the nightclub. That’s right, the ski resort had a nightclub just next to our accommodation. We were tired but that didn’t stop us. The next day I went back up the mountain to test my skills once more. I have to say that I managed to fall around only five times instead of the 200 on my first try. So that was a great success! I would totally recommend this experience, especially if you enjoy the snow. 

Author: Juan

Page manager Published: Thu 03 Jun 2021.