Our experience with the Avancez scholarship

Two student ambassadors share their experience with the Avancez scholarship that they both received to study at Chalmers.

Haining from China (Interaction Design and Technologies)

The entire scholarship application process was not an easy task for me. I first went through the web to understand the different types of scholarships that I can apply for. Then I searched a lot of scholarship holders’ stories to know more about their experiences. After that, I came to the most challenging part — completing the motivation letter.

I first searched for a lot of guidelines online about how to write a motivation letter for application for a Master’s Programme. I tried to write my letter, and then I sent my first draft to some of my friends to ask them to help me reviewing my text. They provided feedback both on content and grammar. I felt that they helped me a lot because I found it difficult when I try to explain my motivation to a person I am familiar with but didn't know much about my future plan. This helped me to know which material in my motivation letter was more
important and what was missing. 

During this process, I kept asking myself what my motivation was for applying. It can be said that the process of completing the motivation letter was not only for applying for scholarships but also for making yourself more determined to study abroad. Moreover, the process also helped me to understand myself better.

Ivana from
Serbia (Biomedical Engineering) 
Since I finished my bachelor studies in Biomedical Engineering, I wanted to continue my studies in the field at the university where this still quite new programme is already established, providing internationally competitive education and where I can learn about advanced topics in the field. For that and many more reasons than I can fit in this blog, studying Biomedical Engineering master programme at Chalmers was a perfect way to continue my education. After preparing every document for my Master’s Programme application, as Haining, I had to do my best to prepare an application for the Avancez

Considering the tuition fee for students outside of the European Union, having a scholarship was a crucial part for me. Being aware of the difference between the tuition fee in my home country and northern European countries I knew that I wouldn't be able to come to study in Sweden without it. Therefore, I was more than happy that opportunities like this scholarship are available for fee-paying students at Chalmers.

I remember being admitted at Chalmers and despite how excited I felt about it, the moment I was waiting for was the news about receiving the Avancez scholarship. This scholarship is one of the scholarships funded by Chalmers for the first-year master students, it is very similar to the IPOET scholarship​. It covers 75% of the tuition fees and the opportunity to raise to 85% during the second year. This was a big deal, and it gave even better motivation to do my best during my studies. Now, I am only a few months away from finishing my
master studies I couldn't be more thankful for the time I have spent at Chalmers. The source of funding is often a barrier for a lot of students and hopefully one of the scholarship opportunities at Chalmers or in Sweden can help you as the Avancez scholarship has helped us!

Page manager Published: Thu 03 Dec 2020.