Students at Chalmers Campus Lindholmen

Video guides for newly arrived students

How do I get a computer account? Who do I contact if I have questions about my studies or if I need help and counseling? What do I do if I get sick? How can I meet new friends and find social activities? It is natural to have many questions about your new school and country, and we will try to answer them the best we can! ​​

More info about each topic are found on the Student Portal

The library (video)
Learn more about Chalmers Library and what services are offered to our students. Welcome to visit and contact us online. Librarian Lisa Larsson presents Chalmers student library and writing centre and what services they offer to you as a student.

Experience Gothenburg with Unimeet (video)
In Gothenburg there is always a small island waiting to be explored or a mountain to be conquered from the saddle. Light summer nights, colourful autumn days and snowy winter mornings – Gothenburg is a destination of contrasts, a destination of adventure. Design, “fika”, seafood and architecture. Sweden is fantastic and unique in many ways. See it for yourself. Welcome to West Sweden. Welcome to Gothenburg.​​

Feelgood Göteborg City - your student healthcare (video)
Feelgood Gothenburg City is your student health centre. You can contact Feelgood if you experience problems with study-related illness. You are always offered an initial assessment visit where the staff can direct you to the right competence at Feelgood or at another healthcare provider outside the student health centre. Feelgood has general medical reception for international students at Chalmers who are not entitled to general Swedish health care.

Student center (video)
Christian from Chalmers Student center talks about what to think about when moving to Sweden and what he and his collegues can help you with. 

Disability and equality coordinators (video)
Disability coordinator Heidi Wåxberg talks about what kind of support you can get in your studies if you have a disability. Equality coordinator Sara Thornadtsson Chavarria informs about Chalmers equality policy and where to turn if you have been subject to harrasements 

Chalmers International Mobility​ (video)
Welcome and practical information for incoming exchange students. Here is information about things you need to know, things you need to do and things to be aware of during your exhange period.

Student guidance counselors (video)
Every program at Chalmers has a program team and Student guidance coucelors. Here is a short information from our student counselors, what the can help you with and how to get in contact if you need counseling. 

IT Services, Login and finding help (video)
Learn more about your Chalmers account (CID) and password, IT and online services that you need in your studies. We tell more about software you can use and download, and how you can find guides and get help. 

IT Security​ (video)
A video about IT Security, passwords, phishing, and other scary stuff...  How can you protect yourself? And who can you ask for advice?

Published: Tue 25 Aug 2020.