The Academic Year

The academic year

At Chalmers University of Technology the academic year starts in late August or early September and ends in June the following year. The exact dates may vary from one year to the other.

Each academic year has two semesters:

  • the autumn semester, from August/September to January
  • the spring semester, from January to June.
Each semester is divided into two study periods (quarters) consisting of 7 weeks of lectures followed by one week of examinations each. There are also three re-sit opportunities during the year.

Academic year 2016/2017

Autumn semester: Monday August 29, 2016 - Sunday January 15, 2017
Spring semester: Monday January 16, 2017 - Sunday June 4, 2017


The normal workload for one semester amounts to 30 higher education credits, compatible with ECTS (European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System).  The academic year consists of 40 weeks of full-time studies corresponding to 60 higher education credits.


The main holiday is during summer, between the spring and autumn semesters, from early June to late August. All Swedish public holidays are free days for students.

Usually there are short study breaks around Christmas (25 December) and Easter (it falls on a Sunday in March or April and the date varies every year). During these short periods that can last from few days to a couple of weeks, students might not have any lectures on campus but they would still have course work to do.

Published: Thu 14 Oct 2010. Modified: Thu 02 Jun 2016