Chalmers Student Union

Student Union

Chalmers Student Union (Chalmers Studentkår) is a strong, independent organisation with around 10,000 members. The union has representatives on the board of the university’s and it focuses on the quality of education, the job market and students’ social life. 
The union is a politically independent, religiously neutral and non-profit organisation of the students, for the students and by the students. It is independent from the university and represents the views and opinions of the students to the university’s management through its representatives who are part of the management board of the university. The student union and the university are two separate organisations which work with each other to ensure that the students are benefitted from their time at Chalmers. In one way, the university is responsible for education and the union is responsible for the fun and combined they make the life of a student whole. By focusing on students’ perspectives on the various aspects of life on campus, the union ensures that the students at Chalmers have an influence on everything – be it education, the job market or a secure and fun filled social life.

Quality of education

Students can approach the Unit for Educational Affairs at the Student Union if they have questions or views on anything affecting their programmes and/or courses. The Student Union is represented on all the decision-making bodies so there is always an opportunity to influence your situation at Chalmers.

Job market

Chalmers Student Union annually arranges one of the largest career fairs in Scandinavia - Charm. Over 170 companies and organisations visit Chalmers in order to meet students and discuss the different opportunities available.

Social life

Within the Student Union there are committees, clubs and societies for pretty much every taste: choir singing, extreme sports, robotics, hot air balloons, pyrotechnics etc. If there is none for your interest, you can easily start one. Through these committees, clubs and societies, the union provides students with a safe and fun filled social environment that fosters a sense of community and security.

Published: Thu 14 Oct 2010. Modified: Fri 12 Feb 2016