Practise your religion at Chalmers

As an international institution, Chalmers welcomes students and researchers from all over the world that practise many different religions. Chalmers Islamic Förening and Chalmers Christian Group are two of the largest religious associations at the university.  
Chalmers Islamic Förening (CIF) is a nonpolitical student association at Chalmers University of Technology that organizes Islamic events and social activities throughout the year.

The association's main event is the Friday prayer that is held in the Sports hall at Campus Johanneberg every week. About 50-140 people join the event regularly.
“We serve to help facilitate all the Muslims here at Chalmers, so we open the doors for those who aren’t members of our organization as well. Like researchers, post-docs and other Muslim employees at Chalmers”, says Wael Al-Wakkal, current president of Chalmers Islamic Förening and a student at Chalmers. 

He sees no obstacles of being able to study or work full-time at Chalmers and practice your religion at the same time.
“These two things can co-exist, and we see it working perfectly here at Chalmers since more than a hundred people usually participate in our activities.”

The association started from a need to find an undisturbed place of worship but has since then branched out.
“Our organization is so much more than just Friday prayer now. Every year we try to have a lunch lecture. Last year we had one about Islam in the modern world. Every Ramadan we host a dinner with an open invitation where everyone, Muslims or non-Muslims are welcome to break the fast with us. And we also have other social activities, like football tournaments.”, Wael Al-Wakkal says.

Chalmers Christian Group (CKG) is another religious and nonpolitical student association at Chalmers. They meet every Tuesday lunch at the Student union-building at Chalmers for Bible discussion and prayer.

For each week someone from the group prepares something, usually a thought from a Bible passage. Everyone is welcome to join these meetings, Christian or not. Our association also helps new students to find a congregation to join in Gothenburg.”, says Johan Lindhe, president of Chalmers Christian Group and a student at Chalmers.

We also pray for the university and for everyone to be well. Our mission is to spread the love of God to the people of Chalmers.”

The group also arranges social activities, lunch lectures and represent their association at various parties and events that are hosted by the Student union. 

“We usually hand out free coffee and Bibles and we are happy to help, talk and pray with people depending on their wishes and needs. People generally have a secular worldview in Sweden, but most people we meet are very friendly and respectful. They are also often searching for something that the secular worldview cannot provide.”

Text: Vedrana Sivac
PhotoChalmers Islamic Förening and Chalmers Christian Group

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About the associations

Chalmers Islamic Förening (CIF)
Events: Every Friday there is an organized prayer, the Friday prayer, at the sports hall located in the Student union building at Johanneberg. There is also a prayer room in each campus taken care of by CIF, one on the third floor of the Student Union building at campus Johanneberg and one in room 212 in the Svea building at campus Lindholmen.
Friday prayer, summer time – 13.15-14.45 
Friday prayer, winter time – 12.15-13.45

Chalmers Christian Group (CKG)
Events: Lunch prayer and Bible discussion every Tuesday in the room Vera Sandberg, located in the Student union building at Johanneberg.

Source: Chalmers Islamic Förening and Chalmers Christian Group

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