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Guidance for newly arrived in Sweden

​Are you newly arrived in Sweden, do you have a residence permit and would you like to study at Chalmers?
Would you like to know how you can improve your chances to find work on the Swedish labour market? Contact Chalmers' study and career planning counsellors. If you have studied engineering, shipping or architecture in another country, we offer guidance to Chalmers' programmes.

Guidance  & contact


Bachelor's programmes

Chalmers' Bachelor's programmes (undergraduate level) are conducted in Swedish. 

Undergraduate programmes (in Swedish)

Master's programmes

Chalmers Master's programmes (graduate level) are conducted in English. If you would like to study at graduate level, you must have a Bachelor's degree + English 6 or an approved language test.

Master's programmes

Doctoral programmes (Phd)

Chalmers offers doctoral programmes (doctoral level), for those who have obtained a degree at graduate level.

Doctoral programmes

Single courses for working professionals 

Chalmers primarily offers educational programmes, but there is also the option of applying for a single course if you have an academic degree and at least 1 year's professional experience. You can apply for single courses from Chalmers' regular range of courses in advance of the spring or autumn semester. Chalmers also offers single courses to alumni (students who have graduated from the university).

For working professionals

Do you have a degree?

Chalmers does not assess your degree. Submit your degree certificate to the the Swedish Council for Higher Education for assessment. 

Swedish council for higher education

Have you studied at a University but not completed your studies?

If you have formal Swedish proficiency at level 3 you can also apply for a direct entry to year 2 or 3 of Chalmers' Bachelor's programmes, called Senare del av program.

Study visit at Chalmers

We receive study visits for groups, contact Chalmers guidance for more information.

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