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Guidance for newly arrived refugees

​Are you newly arrived in Sweden, do you have a residence permit and would you like to study at Chalmers?
Would you like to know how you can improve your chances to find work on the Swedish labour market? Contact Chalmers' study and career planning counsellors.
If you have studied engineering, shipping or architecture in another country, we offer guidance to Chalmers' programmes and the opportunity to gain work experience in a number of different areas.

Guidance  & contact

Lena Lundström and Kiki Henrysdotter


Telephone: +46(0) 31-772 25 00

Undergraduate programmes

Chalmers' undergraduate programmes are taught in Swedish. If you would like to study at undergraduate level, you must have a secondary education diploma + Swedish as a second language 3 + English 6, so-called general entry requirements. In addition to general entry requirements, you also need to meet the special entry requirements listed below.
  • BSc in Engineering, 3 years and MSc in Engineering, 5 years: secondary school Mathematics 4, Physics 2, Chemistry 1.
  • Architecture, 5 years: secondary school Mathematics 3, Natural Science 2, or Physics 1 and Chemistry 1, and Social Studies 1.
  • Business development and entrepreneurship in built environment, 3 years: secondary school Mathematics 3, Natural Science 2, or Physics 1 and Chemistry 1, and Social Studies 1.
  • Shipping and logistics, 3 years: secondary school Mathematics 3 and Physics 1 or Natural Science 2.
  • Master mariner and Marine engineer, 4 years: secondary school Mathematics 3 and Physics 1.
  • Ship's officer class VII has only general entry requirements.
  • Engineering preparatory year: secondary school Mathematics 2.

Undergraduate programmes (in Swedish)

Bridging programme for engineers and architects with foreign qualifications

Chalmers offers a one-year bridging programme for engineers and architects with a foreign qualification who wish to add to their qualifications and enhance their employability on the Swedish labour market.

Master's programmes

Chalmers' programmes at graduate level (master's programmes) are taught in English. If you would like to study at graduate level, you must have a Bachelor's degree + English 6 or an approved language test.

Master's programmes

English language requirements

Doctoral programmes

Chalmers also has programmes at doctoral level, doctoral programmes, for those who have obtained a degree at graduate level.

Doctoral programmes

Single courses for working professionals 

Chalmers primarily offers educational programmes, but there is also the option of applying for a single course if you have an academic degree and at least 1 year's professional experience. You can apply for single courses from Chalmers' regular range of courses in advance of the spring or autumn semester. Other than continuing professional development courses, Chalmers only offers single courses to alumni (students who have graduated from the university).

For working professionals

Do you have a degree?

Chalmers does not assess your degree. Send your degree certificate to the UHR (Swedish Council for Higher Education) for assessment. 

Do you not have a degree?

If you have previously studied at a university, but not completed your studies, you can apply for Chalmers' undergraduate programme year 1.
Swedish Council for Higher Education (UHR) 

Applying for ongoing programmes

You can also apply for year 2 or 3 of Chalmers' undergraduate programme, depending on the assessment of your previous qualifications. There must be free places available in the programme, and you will be given credit for your previous university studies to the equivalent of 35 higher education credits.


To be able to give you the best guidance, please fill out the checklist and email it back to us.

FAQ (Frequently asked questions)

Work experience or internship 

Chalmers offers work expericene to newly-arrived academics. At the moment there are a number of placements available in several areas. In this initiative, we cooperate with the Swedish Public Employment Service and Engineer2Engineer, a Vinnova-financed project addressed to candidates from the Swedish Migration Agency.
If you are interested, contact Sofie Jansson or Anna Holmqvist Dahl for further information.

Mooc - massive open online courses

Mooc courses offer access to new knowledge for anyone who has a computer connected to the internet. Participants anywhere in the world can, at their own pace, watch lectures, take part in discussions and solve problems on their computer, tablet or mobile phone. Chalmers' mooc courses are in English.
Mooc courses

Online Linguistic Support - OLS

Online Linguistic Support - OLS, is designed to assist participants in improving their knowledge of the language in which they will work or study. After a language test, you participate in courses in Swedish or English that are adapted to your level of knowledge and given online. The language test and the courses are free. Are you interested, please contact us. You'll find our email and phone number at the top of the page.

Information meetings

Chalmers, University of Gothenburg, Arbetsförmedlingen and Integrationscentrum Göteborg, organize information meetings on university studies each semester. At the meeting you will get information about what opportunities you have and which qualifications are needed to study at Chalmers. The meeting is interpreted and there is an opportunity for informal discussions with us. Contact Chalmers guidance for information about the next meeting.

Study visit at Chalmers

We receive study visits for groups, contact Chalmers guidance for more information.

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