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UNITECH International

UNITECH International is an organization which offers an exchange programme consisting of studies as well as an integrated internship at one of the corporate partners and joint modules consisting of personal development and technology management skills.
Chalmers has a long tradition of education and research in technology management. Students taking part in the UNITECH International exchange benefit from the excellent connection between management studies and core engineering profiles.

Partner universities in UNITECH International

- RWTH Aachen
- ETH Zürich
- Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya
- Trinity College Dublin
- Loughborough University
- INSA Lyon
- Politecnico di Milano
- Chalmers University of Technology

Who can apply?

Students who are enrolled in one of the engineering fields below at any of the partner universities, and who have completed or will finish their BSc of Engineering or equivalent at their home university, are welcome to apply.
- Biology and Biological Engineering
- Chemistry and Chemical Engineering
- Civil Engineering
- Computer Science and Engineering
- Electrical Engineering
- Industrial and Materials Science
- Mathematical Sciences
- Mechanics and Maritime Sciences
- Microtechnology and Nanoscience
- Physics Space, Earth and Environment
- Technology Management and Economics

Application and selection

While academic achievements are important, the focus of selection into the UNITECH International Programme is on the students personality and skills. The selection is done locally at your home university and involves the local Programme Director and a number of Corporate Partners. This joint approach is part of the UNITECH philosophy.

Teaching language

At Chalmers the courses at masters level are given in English. A good level of English is required to follow lectures and pass the exams, we expect students to have an English level corresponding to at least B2.

Individual study programme

Each student applying to Chalmers within the UNITECH International will have an individually adopted study programme. The exchange programme aims to combine engineering and management courses. The choice of core engineering subjects will depend on the student's choice and educational background. Students must have achieved an academic level corresponding to at least a BSc in Engineering degree or equivalent, before starting studies at Chalmers.

Search and choose courses

In most cases it's possible to design an adequate programme in English. Students may choose courses from Chalmers Master's Programmes, to see the courses use the search function below:

Some tips:

  • Search for a specific master’s programme
  • Search for courses open for exchange students
  • Search for courses given in English etc.
You can only apply for courses marked with the text "The course is open for exchange students". We recommend students to follow one master's programme during one semester. However, if mix courses from different programmes, make sure you plan according to study periods and block schedules. Make sure to select courses from the study periods (sp) you are studying. Fall semester includes sp 1 and 2, spring semester includes sp 3 and 4. Also ake sure to select courses from different blocks to avoid schedule conflicts.

Management courses

UNITECH students are recommended to select management courses from the following MSc programmes:

UNITECH students can't select courses from the Master's programmes below, courses in those programmes are only available for students in the entire programme:
Design and Construction Project Management


For incoming students taking part of the UNITECH International programme, accommodation is guaranteed by Chalmers. Accepted UNITECH students will get more information about accomodotaion in May and at the same time they will receive their Letter of Acceptance. In case you want to start searching for accommodation by yourself, please see link below.

Contact at Chalmers

If you have questions about the UNITECH International programme at Chalmers, you are welcome to contact us.
UNITECH Local Coordinator
Jens Hansson, International Coordinator, Chalmers International Mobility group (CIM) Telephone: +46 (0)31 772 2567, E-mail:

UNITECH Programme Director
Lena Petersson, Dean of education, Department of Computer Science and Engineering Telephone: +46 (0)31 772 1822, E-mail:
UNITECH Alumni Association – Local Chapter Coordinators

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