Ciência sem Fronteiras

Science without borders - Apply for the 22 course packages specially designed for Brazilian undergraduate students with Science Without Borders scholarships.
Online application for course packages: 10-20 February 2015

Meet us at Brazilian universities: "Study in Sweden - Brazilian Roadshow" 11-20 Nov.


A Chalmers University of Tecnology (Universidade Tecnológica Chalmers) é uma universidade com foco no progresso situada em Gotemburgo, Suécia. Situada em um belíssimo e dinâmico ambiente, a universidade tornou-se conhecida local e globalmente pelo nível de sua educação, pesquisa e inovação em diversas áreas. Na Chalmers, você vai aprender a pensar independentemente e a enfrentar os desafios do futuro com a ajuda dos metodos de engenharia. Isso vai preparar você para todas as exigências de uma carreira global em engenharia ou arquitetura, e equipar-lhe com a versatilidade necessária para trabalhar em contato com diferentes culturas e mercados. Nós temos aproximadamente 11000 estudantes em tempo integral, sendo 3000 destes estudantes de mestrado (e 30%  dos 3000 são provenientes de outros países). Com professores e estudantes de diferentes culturas, toda a experiência é projetada para expandir seus horizontes e permitir-lhe acesso a uma maior rede de contatos.

A Chalmers é membro do CISB – Centro de Pesquisa e Inovação Sueco-Brasileiro, com um escritório em São Paulo e também no campus Lindholmen da Chalmers (Chalmers Lindholmen Science Park, em Gotemburgo). O CISB funciona como um ponto de conexão internacional com o objetivo de identificar, desenvolver e dar suporte a projetos de alta tecnologia, pesquisa e desenvolvimento em uma ampla gama de setores e áreas tecnológicas.


Top reasons to study at Chalmers University of Technology

  • Chalmers has highly qualified professors and teachers with long academic and commercial backgrounds, allowing you to have easy access to academic staff and research.
  • The education and research are deeply rooted in the needs of the industry. Many large high-technological companies are situated in the Gothenburg region, such as Volvo, SAAB, Ericsson, SKF and Astra Zeneca, offering Master’s thesis and seeking expertise from specific countries.
  • Project based assignments provide hands-on experience of working with others in teams.
  • Chalmers is ranked 175 in the world on QS 2014 and is also among the top 100 universities on some of QS subject specific ranking lists; Chemical Engineering, Electrical Engineering and Mechanical Engineering. 
  • Gothenburg is a welcoming and beautiful city and strong student traditions give you many possibilities to a social student life.

Testimonials by CsF/SwB students at Chalmers

"I would definitely recommend the Science without Borders programme. It is an excellent opportunity to learn and to see the world. I feel that it is a fundamental part in your learning process. Seeing other realities opens your mind. But the combination of Chalmers and education, is what I really recommend." Read the full testimonial by Carolina, CsF/SwB student, Sustainable Chemical Engineering, 2013/14

Carolina: "I realise that Chalmers is indeed a university of excellence!"

"Chalmers é uma universidade conceituada, e com toda certeza oferece um oportunidade enorme pra me desenvolver pessoalmente e profissionalmente. Ao final, estarei preparado para os desafios da sustentabilidade, atuar com inovação e excelência no campo da engenharia e contribuir com a sociedade." Read the full testimonial by Luis, CsF/SwB student, Construction Industry Innovation and Development, 2013/14
Luis: "I'll be ready for the challenges of a sustainable future!"

Application information for CsF-SwB at Chalmers

Students within the Ciência sem Fronteiras (Science Without Borders) scholarship program can apply to 22 different course packages.

Entry requirements
Minimum 3½ years and preferably 4 years of studies in a BSc degree programme in Brazil. Specific requirements for each course package.

English requirements
The most common and important scores that are accepted for studies at Chalmers are

  • IELTS (academic training), 6.5 (with no part of the test below 5.5)
  • TOEFL (Internet based): 90 (with a minimum of 20 on the written part)
  • TOEFL (paper based): 575 (with a minimum of 4.5 on the written part)

The above tests and test scores are minimum requirements, no exemptions will be granted by Chalmers.
The Institutional TOEFL-test (ITP) score is not valid for academic purposes at Chalmers.
 English Language Profiency, information about requirements and tests in detail

Course structure
Credits: 60 credits
Duration: 10 months or 2 semesters
Start of first semester: Early September 2015
End of second semester: Early June 2016
Rate of study: 100% (full-time studies at Chalmers is equivalent to 4 courses or 30 credits per semester)
Instructional time: Daytime
Language of instruction: English
Teaching form: On-campus
Tuition fee: 140 000 SEK

How to apply (for entry academic year 2015/16)
In order to apply for a course packages you need to create an account on the online application platform you can select up to four course packages, send the online application and then upload your supporting documents.

September 2014: Deadline for applying to SwB/Ciência sem Fronteiras. Scholarship application to CAPES
10 Feb 2015: Application period for course packages opens on
20 Feb 2015: Application deadline  for course packages
25 Feb 2015: Deadline for University Admissions to receive documents to complete the electronic admission application (transcript in Portuguese, official translation of transcript in English, copy of English test results)
18 March 2015: Notification of selection results published on your personal profile on

Apply for Chalmers CsF Course packages (external link to application system
Application instructions in detail (external link on

Questions regarding application and admission:
Chalmers’ Admissions,

Specific questions about course content:
See contact person on each course package in the list below

Other questions:
Student Exchange Office,
Information for Brazilians and stories of Brazilian students at Chalmers

Course packages (for entry the academic year 2015/16)

SwB - Advanced Energy Systems and Technology
SwB - Astronomy and Astrophysics 
SwB - Bioengineering and Synthetic Biology
SwB - Buildings and Structures
SwB - Complex Systems
SwB - Construction Industry Innovation and Development 
SwB - Electric Power for Engineers
SwB - Engineering in Medicine
SwB - Interaction Design
SwB - Interactive Simulations and Games
SwB - Logistics and Transportation
SwB - Materials Chemistry
SwB - Materials Design and Performance
SwB - Materials Physics
SwB - Mechatronics
SwB - Microwave and Space Engineering
SwB - Naval Architecture
SwB - Organization and Leadership in Merchant Navy
SwB - Quantum Physics
SwB - Secure Distributed Systems
SwB - Sustainable Chemical Engineering
SwB - Water and Risk Engineering

Bem-vindo à Chalmers!

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